Poker tables

If you experience “bad beats” on several tables at once, the risk on going on “tilt” is greater Occasionally you might hit the raise button when you were supposed to fold and vice versa.

Mistakes like the ones mentioned here will decrease your hourly winning rate. Therefore it’s very important that you’re focused and mentally prepared when you play at multiple tables.

If you decide to play many tables at once you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Playing multiple tables concurrently increases your likelihood of making mistakes. This is because you will not know your opponents as well and will have less time to make your decisions. Also, there is a greater risk of hitting the wrong button because you are switching back and forth between. tables. Sometimes you might hit the raise button when you were supposed to fold and vice versa. Such mistakes will decrease your earning rate.

Playing in this manner also requires a greater level of concentration, so you should only do it when you feel focused and refreshed. It is quite common to become less focused when playing this way because it is markedly more difficult to follow the play and evaluate the players. Consequently, you may develop a mechanical style of play, where you fail to adjust your strategy in accordance with the game. This can take away some elements that make the game fun and interesting and may contribute to a decreased level of focus.

It is possible that playing at multiple tables might make your game more solid. This is because you will be playing more hands, so the risk of growing impatient will be reduced. On the other hand, if you experience “bad beats” on many tables at once, the risk on going on “tilt” is greater.

The greatest advantage to playing multiple tables is the possibility of increasing your overall hourly earning rate. If you are a player who normally makes one big bet an hour at one table, you could expect to win three big bets an hour by playing at three tables. This is true even if you were to only make one half of a big bet an hour because of the aforementioned disadvantages: Your hourly win rate would still have increased to 1.5 big bets an hour compared to 1 big bet an hour when playing a single table.