Keep That Poker Face

Creating and keeping a good poker face is an important part of the game.  You are sitting at a card table and you have been dealt a fantastic hand; you accidentally reveal this by smiling or grinning not realized your are physically smiling. The other players will immediately know the kind of cards you’ve got, and will most likely fold.

Keep that Poker Face

On the other hand, if you’re dealt a bad hand and you look upset, other player will know that you’ve been dealt poor cards and start raising the bets for that reason. Keeping a neutral expression on your face throughout the game of poker involves a long and hard internal struggle. If you let your true feelings slip, even for a second, you can be guaranteed that the other players will notice.

You can train your face to hide your true emotions and once you accomplish this you can start to have some fun and misguide the other players. You can do this by making expressions that are actually the opposite of how you are really feeling. For instance, if you get dealt a spectacular hand, and you want to convince the other players otherwise and so get them to carry on playing. Keeping that poker face will keep others from knowing what hand you hold.


Too many times it has been seen that players sit down and try to make $5 or $20 bets at a $100 minimum table.   That seems to be the biggest mistake made in a casino and remember not to sit at a table that has higher limits than you have the bankroll to support. They just don’t see the little sign on each table stating the table limits.

Make sure you are at the right stakes table before you sit down and  never throw chips haphazardly into the betting circle.

Another common mistake is to keep your chips  in a single stack.  In this way the dealer won’t be confused about whether or not you’ve doubled down.  Remember also to not touch your bet after you’ve placed it.

Dealers will snap at you because they need to make sure you’re not increasing chips to your bet when you have a good hand.   You might even be seen as removing your bets when you’ve got a bad hand.   You should never touch the cards in a face up blackjack game. Cheaters often try to mark the cards in some way with a sharp fingernail,   this rule will prevents this. During a face down game also, if you’re careless with the cards,  you will quickly find yourself getting a correction from the dealer.