Deposits And Bonuses

I’ve got a new casino as usual it’s called cos Simba part of the Cadell group I’ve played at about 20 of their casinos it doesn’t matter if you’ve played at other ones of their casinos you can still take the bonus the reason why I’m bringing this to your attention is would you like you can have two hundred percent up to five thousands on your first deposit and the wagering is 35 times deposit plus bonus now normally if it’s just a hundred percent bonus 35 times deposit plus bonus I wouldn’t bother with but because only a third of your start in funds is actually your money it makes it reasonably good proposition I worked out. Find out more casinos with great bonuses at CasinoSlots.

You got about depending on what sort of variance slots you play you’ve got about 37 percent chance of cashing it out or something playing bananas like I’m gonna do probably about 10 percent chance but the fact is they’ve got hundreds of games you’ve got all the old Cryptologic favourites and a minor net nth micro gaming big time gaming I think I got playing go else you there’s hundreds of I’ve got twenty different developers and Mercker and obviously my favourites at the moment big time gaming so that’s cos Simba casino sort of percent up to five thousand on your first deposit 35 times deposit plus bonus wagering I should get 50 free spins there’s no game restrictions apart from normal like Tomb Raider 2 and wishmaster and stuff like that where you can accumulate features so this is what I’m doing I’m gonna stick a hundred quid in shortly I’m going to take the 200% which I don’t really do I don’t we take bonuses but I’ll never crack at it so I’m never not bigger than normal starting balance 300 quid well I’m just gonna sort that out now I’ve already joined I’ve just got to make the deposit so let’s do that now and get back to you and have some fun hopefully it’s a risky proposition take on big time gaming the reason.

I’m choosing Bonanza is because the base game often keeps you going for hell of a long time burns for your wager even though is hi various slot but that’s all in the feature so let’s hope it goes alright remember I’m only risking a hundred quid him you owe money instead than all 200 this time so I’m off to get my bonus and I shall be back to you shortly okay that’s all sorted out and let’s commence with my usual two quid other cats come in that’s going to stop meowing piss I’ve gone wait shut up bye let’s go yeah hope I have a big wind to help me chain through the wagering here nice thirty-two age of six and coins are the biggest are obviously I’ll come back to target speech in the unlikely event I’ve done it sexually well on big fungi who knows you see lately and surely that’s got away I’m pushing my luck on me either way I’m glad about this before it anymore.