Best betting tips for the World Cup 2018 – Spain-Portugal match analysis on CasinoHawks

Good evening, everyone! The World Cup has begun. We’ve had a great time here, we’ve been watching Spain and Portugal tonight. My name is Rees, your host. This is Russell Cane, the fantasy football expert, the man with the tips. A good start!

Not bad, no? 6 goals in the fourth game. 5 goals in the first game. Pretty good! 13 goals in total, 60 games to go, wow!

13 goals in four 4 games, that’s a pretty good start. However, most teams, probably even Portugal, probably thought Spain might have an off day, Spain might have a problem. 2 nights ago they lost their coach, I think they’re still pretty good, right? I don’t think the manager changes anything for Spain. Another country might struggle with a new manager but not Spain. They’ve been there, they’ve done it.

I think tonight showed that it didn’t affect them, I don’t think. Absolutely, and Portugal same thing. They wouldn’t be the same team without Cristiano Ronaldo, would they? A hat-trick tonight. Wow!

He’s pretty good, right? Top goalscorer, do we think? You’ve got Diego Costa as well on 2 already, so! 2 already and what’s usual for a top goalscorer in a tournament like this? Maybe 5 or 6.

5 or 6 goals, so Ronaldo, he’s half way there already. So he’s in what a good chance. I don’t think, but with 3 goals in the first game I don’t think anyone’s expecting Portugal to go all the way.

But with 3 goals in his first game, I don’t think they need to for him to win top goalscorer. He could do it in the group stages against Iran and Morocco, couldn’t he? I think so. Absolutely! He could score to at least 2 goals against those 2 teams. So, who knows?

He’s a good shout, he’s a good shout. He’s a good shout, someone else maybe in the mix? We’ve got France coming, we’ve got England coming, maybe a Harry Kane, Antoine Griezmann, as you’ve already tipped it. There’s a lot of candidates, I think.

Neymar, Thomas Müller, there’s a lot of players! As we said, Ronaldo and Diego Costa, there’s a lot of players that could, could set this World Cup on fire and score maybe more than 6 goals. 7 or 8 goals in a World Cup, that would be unbelievable! It’s already on fire, it’s already pretty good.

I’ve had a good time tonight, have you had a good time tonight? I’m waiting until Monday when England play, then I can say I’ve had a really good time! When they beat Tunisia, like 5-0?

5-0? Can they do a Russia? Yeah, it’s pretty normal already, isn’t it? Russia did it last night, why not?

So, anyway we’ve had Spain tonight, you called them to draw their first game. They’ve done exactly that. Okay, you said 1-1, it was 3-3. You still fancy Spain in the same way?

As we just said, the manager change didn’t change anything. They’re still a good team. Yes, they drew their first game and I think Spain came in into this as favourites but only slightly. One guy turned up, Mr. Ronaldo and if Ronaldo weren’t in this team, Spain would’ve won this game. Without doubt, obviously.

So, yeah, I think Spain are comfortable, I really do. I think it’s now down to with a 3-3, it’s down to who scores the most goals against Iran and Morocco to top this group. So, whoever tops this group, what are they likely to do next? They’ll probably play, they’re gonna play the winners of, it depends on Group A but, obviously with Russia scoring 5 goals, Uruguay only scored 1, it depends on that game when they play each other, unless Mohamed Salah comes back into the World Cup in their second game and they get 6 points and something goes crazily wrong with Russia and Uruguay. But, it might boil down to goal difference.

If Russia can avoid defeat against Uruguay, they’ve already scored 5 goals. So, they should top the group then they will play the 2nd placed team, the winners of Group A. Probably Russia at this point, will probably play the runners-up or will play the runners-up of Group B. And that depends on these two teams, whoever scores the most goals against Iran or Morocco. Spain, manager or no manager, you fancy Spain to go all the way? Personally, I’m still on Germany, we’re still yet to see them but they’ve got the pedigree.

They did it 4 years ago, they’re always there or thereabouts. But after this, I wouldn’t – yeah, obviously, Spain can win it. I think Portugal can go far too. If Ronaldo scored after 3 minutes, it put his confidence up here. Portugal could also do it, I think we’ve got two very good teams here.

They should get through a Russia or a Uruguay both these teams should get through that. Then it’s the quarter-finals, but yes. So what you’re saying – the safe money is always on Ronaldo to score in the last 10 minutes and never bet against the Germans.

Yeah, pretty much! Spot on! Well, we’ve had a good time tonight, we’re gonna have a good time every night. We hope you’re gonna join us on our World Cup journey.

We’ll see you soon, take care!